Booking form

Booking form

Promotional tickets

Every Thursday on October and November, admission to the museum has no cost. Children and students’ tickets (up to 18 years-old) are on us every day during promotional months.

Your visit

One hour to explore the museum. Go through the collection, enjoy the museum's courtyards and open spaces. Each schedule has a limited capacity. This offers you a safe visit and plenty of space to experience the museum like never before.

Guided visits

During our reopening months, we offer you guided tours at no additional cost in each schedule. To book your place in a guided tour, click the button on the form. 

The guided tours last 30 minutes. After that, you will have another half hour to explore the museum as you wish. Remember that we have limited available spaces for each shift.

See guided tours description

Select a day and time for your visit


Make your payment at the museum. You can also make a deposit to: Fundación Tolita Cuenta Corriente Banco de Guayaquil No. de cuenta: 9070966 RUC: 1792167027001 Send your deposit voucher to with your name and phone number.

Fundación Tolita
Cuenta corriente
Banco de Guayaquil
N° de cuenta: 9070966
RUC: 1792167027001

Envía el comprobante de depósito a con tu nombre y teléfono de contacto.


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    Centro Histórico de Quito.

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    9h00 a 14h30


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