Permanent Exhibitions

[history_about_us plan_feature=”%5B%7B%7D%5D” sc_desc=”The Casa del Alabado Pre-Columbian Art Museum has nearly 700 archaeological pieces on permanent display. Extraordinary artefacts from the Napo, Valdivia, Inca, Bahía, Chorrera, Guangala, Chaupicruz, Jama Coaque, Tumaco-La Tolita, Carchi-Pasto y Cerro Narrío cultures are on hand to highlight the value of the cultural and artistic legacy of ancient Ecuador in the unrivalled setting of a Colonial house.” sc_img=”2476″]
[history_content_block sc_layout=”two” sc_title=”The Underworld”]
[history_content_block sc_layout=”two” sc_title=”The Earthly World”]
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This space-time continuum is presented as the cold, dark, earthy abode of the ancestors and simultaneously as the realm where earthly life is gestated. It is made up of the following rooms:

This intermediate space-time is the plane on which plants, animals and human societies develop life in all its complexity. The topics addressed are:

A very select display of the technical, symbolic and iconographic skill of the artisans of ancient Ecuador: