Leasing of Museum Facilities

[history_content_block sc_layout=”two” sc_title=”Leasing of Museum Facilities ” sc_desc=”The Casa del Alabado is a unique, charming historical venue in which to hold your activities and events. It is located on Calle Cuenca N1-141, between Bolívar and Rocafuerte (halfway between the convent of Santa Clara and the convent of San Francisco), in the traditional district of San Roque, in Quito’s Historical Center. It is one of the country’s oldest civil buildings. An inscription on the lintel above the main entrance bears the date 1671; however, the initial foundations are believed to have been built during the sixteenth century.” sc_img=”2004″]

Following a painstaking, delicate process of restoration and architectural intervention, the Museum is recognized for its exceptional recuperation of urban heritage, with a strong influence on the dissemination of values, forms of knowledge and ancestral technologies. Built using a combination of adobe, stone and wood, the two-storey house, which contains a number of inviting interior spaces, has three inside patios and elegant corridors; a main patio of fine Colonial proportions; a second, intimate and pleasant patio shaded by a myrtle tree; and a third, smaller patio that lends itself to contemplation, and is decorated by a large, century-old fig tree.

The second floor houses the multipurpose room, which is ideal for holding different social activities, workshops or gatherings. The Casa del Alabado has hosted unforgettable dinners, cocktail parties, weddings, concerts, book presentations and commemorative events.

You are cordially invited to become acquainted with these magnificent spaces, which are certain to provide a special setting for your activities and events.



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