Echoes of Time

The pictorial movement known as ancestralism took place at the end of the 1950s in Ecuador. It was characterized by its experimentation with non-traditional materials and techniques such as cutting, scuffing and perforating surfaces to reinterpret and reconstruct forms, patterns and expressions of the pre-Columbian world. The constant quest to engage in dialogues between the past and the present gave rise to the Echoes of Time exhibition, curated by Rodolfo Kronfle Chambers, in which certain pre-Hispanic pieces were contrasted with, complemented by and associated with the work of modern artists who experimented with ancestralism, among them Enrique Tábara, Oswaldo Viteri, Segundo Espinel, Estuardo Maldonado, Aníbal Villacís and Hugo Cifuentes.

November 2012 – April 2013

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