Curatorship and Research

[history_content_block sc_layout=”two” sc_title=”Curatorship and research” sc_img=”2873″ sc_desc=”The curatorship and research department’s responsibilities include the creation of new exhibitions mainly based on research centering on the pieces in the custody of the Museum.

The registration, inventory and cataloguing of the Museum’s archaeological assets are also carried out on a continuous basis by this department. One of the aims of this endeavor is to make the Museum’s collection accessible to the public and to specialists.

The Museum has implemented different protocols in accordance with international norms for the effective management and handling of its archaeological collection. These protocols include access to the Museum’s collection, handling and cleaning of pieces, the entry and release of objects, and loans or reception of pieces pertaining to other institutions, among others.”]

Research and photographs

Researchers and students are given access to the Museum’s collection for study purposes within the framework of a research project. We also have high-resolution photographs of most of the pieces in the collection, which are available for study, publications or publicity.

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